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New Release — Let Us Dance! The Stumble And Whirl With The Beloved

Let us Dance book cover
Let Us Dance! The Stumble and Whirl with the Beloved.

Let Us Dance! The Stumble And Whirl With The Beloved is here to inspire you to harness your beautiful, dynamic power and look the world directly in the eye. It emboldens the reader to let go of shames and shoulds with The Beloved and entices you to step up to the dance floor of your life and ask The Divine for a whirl. It has within it a potency that cracks open old ways that no longer serve us and brings us to life. Let Us Dance! is more than just poetry. It catalyzes and transfers to its reader living, inspired energy that is made to propagate light.

Susceptible to Light

Susceptible to Light

Susceptible to Light is here to remind you of your joy, to assist you in reconsidering ways of relating to your life that better serve and open your heart, to deconstruct anything about God that doesn’t feel close, intimate, authentic, and warm, and to remind your soul to break the surface and take a breath.

Hafiz says, “God and I have become like two giant fat people living in a tiny boat. We keep bumping into each other and laughing.”

May this collection help you feel the possibility of that kind of laughter.

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