Chelan is a profound inspirational speaker. Her talks simultaneously offer depth and lightness and do something to yank the cork out of existence to remind people of the possibility of wonder. Chelan brings a rare combination of deep, human relatability and mystical wisdom, awe and delight.

Chelan loves to share about topics such as:

Claiming the Agency to Redefine God

Releasing the Paradigm of the Past for the Paradigm of Possibility


Experiments with Wild Grace

How to Burn Through Limiting Assumptions to Reveal What’s Joyful and True

Courting the Muse

Creative Flow through Uncorking Your Feelings


Where the Mystical and the Mundane Meet

Our Humanity as a Gateway to the Holy, The Holy as an Embrace of Our Humanity

Invite Chelan to Speak

Chelan tells her story generously with vulnerability and grace, interspersing it with her poetry and life-affirming insights. Public speaking lights her up! She is open to exploring being a guest on your podcast, speaking at your retreats, spiritual centers, universities, etc. and collaborating on stage with musicians or other poets. Reach out!

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