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Interview with Inspiration is Contagious

Chelan is a modern day mystic poet. Her poetry is major medicine for me – reading it shocks me into remembering my aliveness, somehow reaching my deepest places while simultaneously making me laugh at the absurdity of how wrapped up my mind can get. Her style of writing started when she promised to write one bad poem per day and on the second day a majestic symphony of words just seemed to channel through her – her poem “Say “Wow!””. This poem is one of many in her first published book “Susceptible to Light.” Her next book “Let Us Dance” is on the way to be published soon ❤ Her next book “Let Us Dance: The Stumble and Whirl with the Beloved” is on the way to be published soon

Interview with Finding Hope

We are starting Season 3 of Finding Hope with a budding heart-centered mystic poet, Chelan Harkin. I was captured by Chelan’s poetry because she reminds me of a modern day feminine Hafiz and Rumi. In my interview with Chelan she revealed that growing up and in her early 20s she suffered from acute loneliness and an eating disorder. When this became too painful she sought out ways to become more authentic and to feel good again. Poetry has become one of her tools. She shared that she has learned to “receive” the poetry that comes to her and tries not to do much editing to them. Chelan graced us by reading her poem “Say Wow.” Listen in to hear these profound words about the choices we are presented with each day to say “WOW!”

Chelan Harkin recently published her first book of poetry, Susceptible to Light. This process has been the most satisfying, door opening, and wildly rewarding and encouraging of her life. Shalan’s path is somewhat direct. She feels, she heals, she accesses new insights and inspiration through living on her growth edge and moving through shadows into new horizons of understanding. Then she writes about it. She cares about living truthfully, open heartedly and honoring the authentic self.

Interview with Women Seeking Wholeness

What do you need for your spirituality to “work”? Creative gift expression. Chelan Harkin’s recent book of mystical, ecstatic poetry, Susceptible to Light, is a gem. In our discussion, she shares her experience of growing up in the Baha’i faith, and how she bridged an “honest, wholehearted relationship with Spirit”– by expanding her poetic gifts. 

  • Faith transitions drive one to the depths within
  • Receiving “torrential inspiration” 
  • Luminosity, flow & healing from your artforms
(c) Chelan Harkin