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The Mystics’ Front Porch

You are warmly invited to our cozy, joyful, interactive porch — where the views and companionship are beyond belief.

Contemporary mystics Chelan Harkin and Mary Reed look forward to gathering with you to discuss the real life applications of extraordinary wisdom they receive directly from Divine masters and poets. From healing humor to piercing grace, their cosmic perspectives take transformation to luminous new heights.

Register on Zoom for this five episode livestream series.

Center for Contemporary Mysticism Panel

Dialogue with some of today’s leading visionary women as they share experiences of living as a contemporary mystic. They will address topics such as: How did we learn to trust what we receive? How did we come to accept ourselves and “come out” publicly? Where do we see humanity now and what’s ahead? Tangible ways YOU can connect to Divinity? Suggested donation is $25 and REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. So SAVE THE DATE

(c) Chelan Harkin